How to create large sitemaps for a website in WordPress

Sometime ago I built a very large site on WordPress (about 1 million pages)  and I needed to create a sitemap to send to Google for indexing. To be honest, I had already thought that creating an xml file with a number of articles exceeding 10,000 would have caused some issue, and indeed that’s the way things are, because xml files are not made to show more than 50,000 pages.

As any many others do in WordPress, i use to create sitemaps for Google using plugins,but in my opionion the most complete plugins to create sitemaps on WordPress are no more than 3. I had Google XML Sitemaps installed, and I have always been satisfied by using it.

Potential of Google XML Sitemaps and similar plugins is to make a sort of sitemap directory with a tree structure, where a single sitemap encloses additional sitemaps. In this way creating large sitemaps should not have been a problem.

Creating XML.GZ compressed sitemaps with All in One Seo Plugin

Anyway, when I came up with the idea of creating a sitemap for a 1 million pages site, unfortunately all the plugins crashed, and the sitemap page failed to load when i run it. I found a way to make a working sitemap for my large site using All in One SEO Pack plugin, a well known tool to manage our site according to seo practices (just like Yoast SEO ).

Activating the Sitemap Function and clicking on “Create a Compressed Sitemap“, All in One SEO Pack creates a sitemap directory with xml.gz compressed sitemaps.  Most common search engines like Google have the capability to read both xml and xml.gz files.


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