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From 2D to 3D Internet: how the web could change and (even) take us

Internet it is almost become part of the daily lives of most of the inhabitants of this planet. In the last 30 years the web ‘revolution’ has proved to be one of the fastest changes in humanity thanks to the innumerable benefits that the sharing of information has brought to all people, without distinction between them.


Today, a lot of people spend a negligible portion of the day connected to the Net, by means of the various connected devices such as smartphone, tablets and computers. Changes have been so rapid (and still they are, because the thing is going on) that we didn’t realize about them, including the fact that a lot many things in our lives are becoming ‘digital’.


The Internet allows us to get the information in real time (with all education roles and related utilities) and to share it, to contact with our loved ones, then it has an entertainment function (games, apps,…), and moreover many people make money online to such an extent that some remote work is more profitable than one in the real world (and, by the way, today everyone knows that to make ‘big’ things you have to work on the web).

There are even people who spend more than half of their day in front of the internet.

Some time ago I read an article saying that nowadays, unlike the past times, we are just ‘avatars’, with a clear reference to the fact of the social profiles and the photos we publish to share ourselves.

I’m not here to talk about these things but about the fact that in such a hypothetical situation like to become avatars, Internet will certainly becomes our virtual world, or our second-half together with the real world. Then, when i see how much how fast internet and its related technologies are growing it appears clear to me that this virtual world is a world we are already building.

You could imagine the internet as a three-dimensional space, and not as a two-dimensional window sequence (as it is now). The web would in fact become 3D as well. One could think of three-dimensional data, as well as objects, and a weighted exchange with the perception of the real world. Anyway, the essential thing about this question is that we would be inside, probably along with other people, and that would mean a virtual world similar to the real one, along with  the same features,  such as websites similar to places (banks, libraries,…) where you have to move to reach them.

There is also the possibility that the virtual web world will remains as it is, a  two-dimensional succession of windows on the browser.  In that case we will feel exactly the perception we now have when look the screen of the smartphone or the computer except that in an avatar world there is no body.