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Hotel in Italy charges 1€/night but in return guests will be broadcasted 24/7 on the web

Commonly the prices for a summer stay in the Riviera romagnola are medium-high. They range from 80-120 euros per night for a room in June, to 110-150 in July, and reach 180 euros in August. But things may soon change. The owner of a hotel in Rimini, the capital of the Riviera and the destination of hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over Italy and Europe in the summer season, has decided to make an amazing and extravagant marketing move: he will offer the guests of his hotel a stay in Rimini at the price of just 1 euro per night, but all the rooms will be equipped with cameras that will broadcast live on the web, on different platforms, all day 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Suites for just 1 euro per day, but …

“Three cameras will be placed in each of the three suites, plus others in the common areas: terraces with deck chairs and umbrellas, in the corridor where guests will have breakfast, in the whirlpool area, etc.” says Fabio Pegna, owner of the ‘Stupido Hotel’ in Miramare, specifying that only three of the suites will be booked at the sale price while the remaining eleven will remain bookable at full price.

An entrepreneur from southern Italy, Mr. Pegna opened the hotel in 2016 and quickly transformed it into a trendy hotel. However, with age restrictions: from 18 to 50. Even the name is extravagant in its own way: Stupido Hotel, which literally means “stupid hotel”, it is probably inspired by the popular song of the same name by the singer-songwriter Vasco Rossi.

A new kind of entertainment?

Mr. Pegna revealed that requests to participate at his ‘big brother‘ like initiative have already reached dozens: since he launched the offer on social networks he has been studded with phone calls from aspiring participants, including influencers: there is a male physiotherapist, a female doctor, a female masseuse, a very overweight boy and so on.
He was contacted from thirty people who have sent requests to participate so far.

It is actually a real reality show. Anyone can ask to partecipate and there will be a casting. “I would like a heterogeneous cast” says the owner, “for example a guest with his dog and one who can’t stand animals. To select the participants I will make surprise video calls, without warning, to see how they behave on camera”.

The live streaming will be on different platforms including 24/7 on Twitch, 12 hours a day on Youtube and two hours a day on Facebook. Viewing of the streaming will be limited to adults, and from what we learn, participants will only be allowed to go out for only a few hours a day. The live broadcasts will start from the reopening of the hotel for the summer season, on April 15, until the end of the season, on September 1.

Source of the news: Ansa