Is Facebook Rooms really dead?

Further to the rapid development of mobile applications in the early 2010s, mobile-based social platforms have become largely popular, such as Instagram or Telegram. The clearest example of this smartphone-related spread is probably Whatsapp, the instant messaging application running as #2 on the most popular social application list.

The formula of this kind of platforms is to allow users to chat with their friends, family and job mates, just using as a mean a cell phone number and without any membership with a thir-part community like Facebook Messenger. On the other hand their use does not allow you to meet new people while chatting, even if the “Group” option is fairly interesting and probably will be developed and redefined.

So it has to be realized that a social chat app followingWhatsapp structure and a home-page interface such as Twitter could be an interesting idea. Among the internet there are a lot of sites and apps offering chat rooms to meet new people, like #youngchat #maturechat and so on. The idea, anyway, was to create a pretty open platform where anyone could chat every hashtag he wants with a simple basic concept: anyone can chat everything, even without registration, and rooms are open, so every message will remain there and will be public. In this way, the intention is to create an interesting system, an app between Twitter and Whatsapp, with a chat interface and where chat rooms are ranked with a social home page such as Twitter and every message will work as a message in the bottle, then if you type a message in a rarely visited chatrooms, it will remain there to be seen by anyone who will chat that world. If a platform like Wordrooms works it will be probably the most specialized social app, with a huge variety of rooms to chat.

However, this could also be its weak point, and therefore the cause of a failure. I found anyway that a very similar system was already developed by Facebook in 2014, when they launched Rooms, a cute app Facebook-related where users could open a chat room giving it a name and then share link with their friends. Rooms was really a nice creation, among the internet there are a lot of sites offering chat rooms to meet new people, like #youngchat #maturechat and so on, but with the new app was offering users to chat a lot of topics, basically because they could name the chatroom and create new ones. Unfortunately Rooms did not have a long life, and was closed a few months after with a Facebook Page with just 3000 likes.