Google Cloud Storage Free usage limits (Aug 2019)

Cloud Storage Always Free usage limits

As part of the Google Cloud Platform Free Tier, Cloud Storage provides resources that are free to use up to specific limits. These usage limits are available both during and after the free trial period. If you are no longer in the free trial period, usage beyond these Always Free limits is charged according to the pricing tables below.

Resource Monthly Free Usage Limits
Regional Storage 5 GB-months
Class A Operations 5,000
Class B Operations 50,000
Network Egress 1 GB from North America to each GCP egress destination (Australia and China excluded)

Cloud Storage Always Free quotas apply to usage in us-west1us-central1, and us-east1 regions. Usage is aggregated across these 3 regions. Always Free is subject to change. Please see our FAQ for eligibility requirements and other restrictions.