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From 2D to 3D Internet: how the web could change and (even) take us

Internet it is almost become part of the daily lives of most of the inhabitants of this planet. In the last 30 years the web 'revolution' has proved to be one of the fastest changes in humanity thanks to the innumerable benefits that the sharing of information has brought to all people, without distinction between them.   Today, a lot of people spend a negligible portion of the day connected to the Net, by means of the various connected devices such as smartphone, tablets and computers. Changes have been so rapid (and still they are, because the thing is going on) that we didn't realize about them, including the fact that a lot many things in our lives are becoming 'digital'.   The Internet allows us to get the information in real time (with all education roles and re

How to recover data from a damaged hard drive disk: A brief guide

"My hard disk fell on the floor and it's no more recognized"  "A clicking noise come from my hard disk, then files are no more accessible" These are, among common tech users, the most common symptoms of a dying hard disk drive. Usually these kind of things happen when you're hdd gets a hit (when it crashes on the floor for example). Other times is the old age of the device causing malfunctions and sometimes the issue apparently seems to burst forth without any reason. The hard disk from inside But let us first take a look of an hard disk device internally. Data are stored on a platter and read/write functions are made by a magnetic head placed at the end of an actuator arm which moves depending on when data are placed.  Actuator is controlled by a PCB controller hosting connect

Str_replace that En Dash (or minus sign)! How to fix the problem when it’s not working

HTML, PHP, Wordpress
Building my first theme on Wordpress I had been a very long time in to understand how to use str_replace function to change title of a page to remove all the words following another. This was approximately the string to change: i had name and surname of a specific person (John Doe) and what i wanted to do was to remove all the rest of the phrase. Page Title:  John Doe Contact Page – Sitename String i wanted to get as result after str_replace:  John Doe So practically i had to get just "John Doe" from that page title. The easiest way i knew was to use str_replace function in PHP in the following way: Getting the Wordpress Title as a variable: <?php $string = get_the_title(); $replace = " Contact Page - Sitename"; $replacewith   = " "; ?> Then using str_re